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Friday, January 23, 2015


When & why did you start calling your son “Henry”?

In the summer of 2012 my family and I went to Mexico City for a family reunion with my dad’s side of the family. We were the only people who didn’t speak Spanish (aside from my dad and Jairo). So everyone tried to speak to us in English. My dad and Jairo would tell people in Spanish that my son’s name was Enrique but since they were speaking to us in English everyone there called him Henry since that is the English translation of Enrique. Some of them assumed that we called him Henry since we spoke English and others just gradually caught on and called him Henry as well. Enrique wasn’t quite two at the time so he really didn’t call himself anything. He never referred to himself as Enrique. But after people kept calling him Henry he began to refer to himself as Henry. When we eventually returned home from the trip he would point to himself and say “Henry” even though we continued to call him Enrique. So the name just stuck. Henry basically chose it for himself after he was given the choice of being called Enrique or Henry. Still to this day Henry calls himself Henry. He tells us he hates the name Enrique. I’m not sure why but he chose it and we respect that. We fell in love with the name Henry after our son wanted to be called that. So now he is just Henry. We don’t refer to him as Enrique anymore because he asks us not to.

Is Enrique’s name legally changed to Henry?


Why aren’t you and Jairo married?

I was never one of those girls growing up that dreamt of her wedding day. In fact I am not a huge fan of weddings in general. It was never a big dream of mine to have a big wedding. I think planning a big wedding would be stressful. Honestly I am perfectly comfortable with mine and Jairo’s relationship. I am confident in our love for each other. We live like a married couple anyways. To me getting married is more of a formality at this point. That being said we probably will get married at some point just to make it official. It is just not a big priority for us at this point in our lives.

Why do the kids’ not have Jairo’s last name?

Both Henry and Anastazia have Tovar as their last name. There are several reasons for this. First of all when I had Henry I was 15 years old. Jairo and I were not going to get married anytime soon, we had a bit of a rocky relationship, and my parents were providing for my son, my boyfriend, and me. So it was only appropriate for Henry to take my last name since my family was providing for him and it wasn’t a for sure thing that Jairo and I would stay together. Then when Anastazia was born Jairo and I decided that we wanted our kids to have the same last name.


  1. Are you still in school? If so, what is your major? And did you have to take time off for the birth of your daughter?

  2. I pretty sure Jairo won't ever admit it but deep down inside he would like his children to have his last name.. Don't you think I mean I understand you're parents helped and provided and you're relationship was rocky etc etc still though Jairo is the dad and they should have his last name.

    1. That is such traditional-based thinking. Who established that children MUST have their father's last name? It shouldn't matter if it is their mother's or father's last name. It is up to the parents themselves. Stop perpetuating patriarchal ideals.

  3. I have a couple of questions Why don't we ever see pictures of Jairo and you and why is it that when we do see pictures of Jairo and you, you look so miserable.

  4. Are you going to teach you kids how to speak Spanish?


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