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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Henry's 1st Birthday Party

In honor of Henry Week I thought I would post some pictures of Henry's previous birthday parties. This post is dedicated to his first birthday party which was a red and blue circus/carnival party. This is the only party I don't have nice pictures of because it was before I had a nice camera and I had friends and families with nice cameras. So unfortunately I only have a few cellphone camera pictures with watermarks (taken from my Facebook page) to share for this party! But I promise the other three parties have much nicer pictures. ;)

Here is a letter I wrote to my baby on his first birthday. Keep reading to see photos!

Dear Enrique,

Today is your first birthday. I honestly can't believe that you are one year old already! Where does the time go?

You have changed so much in this past year it is unbelievable. You are now independent, you don't sleep 20 out of 24 hours a day, you love to dance to music, you babble all the time, you crawl all over the place and are just so much fun to be around! I must admit though, part of me misses when you were a newborn and I could just sit and snuggle you all day long! But, you are so much fun to play with now. 

People say that babies get easier as they grow up, but those people clearly don't have kids. You were definitely a lot easier as a newborn, you hardly every cried and mostly slept all day. Now you keep us all on our toes, we don't know what you will get into next, and you are constantly busy! But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Anyways, your birthday happened to land on a Saturday this year, which was perfect for your party! I started planning your party in June and it turned out so well! It was a carnival theme. We rented a bouncy house/ slide and the cutest cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, and snow cone machine. We also reserved a balloon animal maker and a face painter, but they ended up not coming because they got lost. Then we got 100 gold fish from the pet store and put them in your baby pool, then we got little fish nets for guests to fish out their own goldfish to take home. Mama even put together the cutest little fish bowls for people to take home with them. She also made favor bags by putting a giant lollipop and other small goodies in thick popcorn bags. They were super cute! Just to make sure that no one went home empty handed, we even had giant licorice ropes in a box labeled "lion tamer whips". 

For food we had pretzels, nachos and cheese and hot dogs with buns (true carnival food). We also specially ordered these really neat coke, diet coke, and sprite bottles because I liked the look of them. We made 72 red velvet cupcakes and Mormor made you a red velvet cake and frosted it herself. We ended up with probably 40 left over cupcakes! Oh well, they are delicious. I think everyone really enjoyed your party, you included! You especially loved opening your presents. The funny thing is that you wouldn't even touch your cake unless it was on a spoon! You have such great little manners already.

I love you so much Enrique, and so do daddy, mama, papa, and Tio Sebastian.


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  1. Glad to see the frolic pictures of special first birthday party. Baby shower planned at one of the lovely party venue by my cousin was amazing. Her sister in law felt really lucky having the beautiful day filled with love and affection. Arrangements were superb and seriously had none of the shortcomings.


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