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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adjusting to Siblinghood

First of all there's something you should know about Henry. He is spoiled. He has always had Jairo, myself, my mom, my dad, and my brother at his beck and call. He has been the center of attention his whole life. So naturally I knew he wasn't going to automatically adjust to having to share the attention with his little sister. Well I was right. It has taken him awhile to adjust. Don't get me wrong, he loves his sister and has since she was born. He just doesn't always love sharing the spotlight with her.

There have been several times that he has asked if we can sell his sister. This alarmed me at first but I know he doesn't mean it. He has only said this a couple of times and only when he feels that she is taking attention away from him. Like if he wants me to play with him but I am in the middle of changing the baby's diaper he would say "ugh can we just sell her please?" But later when he realizes that she can be with us while we are playing he kisses her on the head and tells her he loves her.

Much to my delight though, the past couple of weeks he has really grown more fond of her. I think when she was first born she was so fragile and boring that he wasn't really interested in spending time  around her. As a newborn he had to be so careful around her and she either slept, cried, or ate. He would ask me things like "when will she grow up? When can she play with me? Why is she so boring?" But recently Anastazia is more fun for him to be around. She makes eye contact, she smiles, "talks", and loves to watch Henry. She lights up when she hears his voice and loves to watch him run and jump around. Henry feels more comfortable holding her now because she isn't so fragile. He is really starting to enjoy her company now.

Yesterday Henry said to me "can we keep my sister? She's so cute and I love her. I'm sorry I said to sell her. I never want to sell her." I am so excited that he is beginning to bond with her more. I can't wait to watch them grow up together. 
Also I want to give a huge thank you to Lori Romney Photography
She is an amazing photographer. She was so fun to work with and was amazing with my kids. Henry can get pretty wild and Anastazia doesn't like to cooperate. Yet she was able to get so many beautiful pictures of both of them individually and together. Now that is a gift. If you are in Utah I highly suggest you check her out. XO

All Photos credited to: Lori Romney Photography

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