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Friday, November 14, 2014

A Brief History Of Me - Drill Tryouts

I am on the bottom left with a black top and green zebra shorts
April 26, 2010

Dear Baby,

This week was drill tryouts! It's kind of crazy that I have been to every practice, performance, and competition and still none of my teammates know that I am pregnant. Sometimes being around them I forget myself. I've been pretty lucky as far as morning sickness goes. There has only been two times that I've thrown up in the morning. One of those times made me late to drill practice so I had to run laps. If only my coach knew why I was really late. But I suck up my morning sickness and push through drill practice anyways. I never sit out. My doctor says it's fine for me to continue with drill being pregnant because my body is already used to it. So it is not bad for you at all. 

I got permission from my doctor, my school counselor, and also the athletic director at the school to try out for drill again for the 2010-2011 school year. I haven't told my coach yet that I'm pregnant but I think I'll tell her sometime soon since it's after try-outs. I am so nervous for how she will react. I know she's going to be disappointed in me. She means a lot to me and the last thing I want to do is disappoint her. I know there won't be a problem though, she is very understanding and I'm sure she wants to see me succeed so I think she will ultimately be supportive. She's the best.

Tryouts were fun though. I can't believe that the school year is basically over! Freshman year was craziness and I'm sort of relieved it's almost over. I'm so excited for sophomore year. I'll get to meet you and you'll get to come to every drill performance and competition to watch me! I know all my teammates are going to love you. We are going to have to get you a little personalized onesie and jacket that says something like "SilverLine's littlest fan!" That would be so cute. 

Love you,

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