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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Secret Escapes... July 2010

July 2, 2010

Dear Baby,

Today I told Kenzie I was pregnant. She lives in Nevada right now so I hadn’t seen her since April. We went up to Park Plaza Hotel because that’s where she is staying. I was in the pool and then decided to tell her by getting out of the pool in my bikini. Well at first she didn’t realize because I am still not really showing. If anything I kinda just look like I’m gaining weight. But then when all I was doing was giggling uncomfortably mama asked if she noticed anything different. Eventually she asked if I was pregnant and we said yes. She was shocked. Her son Knoxley is only about 7 months old right now and she is 17. We were always close growing up when she came to town to visit from Maryland but neither of us expected to both be teen moms. I guess at least now you will have Knoxley to grow up with. You guys will be about 9 months apart so that will be fun.

We recorded Kenzie’s reaction and sent it to MTV. We also made Kenzie promise to not tell anyone else. So far only her, my cousin Diana, and my aunt Alta know that I am pregnant. They are all very supportive so that’s nice since I don’t have my friends to talk to. I am kinda thinking we will just wait until you are born to tell anyone else and just send out a birth announcement. That would be pretty funny.


July 5, 2010

Yesterday was the 4th of July. It was pretty fun. We went to the parade in Millcreek with Alta and her kids, Kenzie, Dylan, Knoxley, and Kenzie’s friend Courtney. Then we went to breakfast at IHOP after. Then we went to see fireworks around daddy’s parent’s house. It was pretty cool. There’s a big park by their house and they had a whole carnival set up. We went early to put blankets down to save a spot. Aunt Alta and her kids were there with us and so were mama, daddy, and Sebastian. Daddy and I went down to the carnival to walk around. I figured since we were far from my neighborhood that I wouldn’t see any of my friends. But I was wrong.

We ran into Cailey and Nadia at the carnival. They walked right up to us and said hi. I can hardly remember what I said to them, my heart was beating so fast I couldn’t even hear myself think. They kept looking down at my stomach. I felt myself blushing because I was afraid they were going to ask me if I was pregnant. Luckily they didn’t. So I didn’t say anything. It was so awkward.

The thing is if they would have asked I probably would have told them that I was pregnant just because I was so nervous. So it’s probably a good thing they didn’t ask. To most it just looks like I am getting chubby. I will include a picture from yesterday so you can see what I mean. I am almost 7 months pregnant now and I still don’t have a belly. This is working in my favor since I’m keeping it a secret that I am pregnant.

Happy 4th of July (yesterday)! I can’t wait until 4th of July next year when you are here with us.


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